Today’s Mojo Moment: Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams

In March 2015 I made a big decision; I left my full time job to follow my dream of being a full time Reiki Practitioner.

I had been a Careers Adviser/ Employment Coach for over a decade but I had become disenchanted, jaded with the target orientated role it had become. I was very stressed to the point it was making me physically unwell. My lifeline came when a wonderful lady pointed out to me that I had a choice- I could create the life I wanted! It took a while for this suggestion to settle however after the penny really dropped and I realised that I could make a change, that I owed it to myself and my family I quit.

Some of my colleagues thought I was mad- what do you mean you have no job to go to, you’ve got a mortgage, kids, responsibilities. Others were supportive and excited for me. Go for it they said believe in yourself and follow your dream.

It felt liberating and terrifying in equal measure.

As I sit here now I am filled with heartfelt gratitude as the ground really did rise up to meet me. I am so blessed that I have the opportunity to pass on the wonderful gift of Reiki through treatments and teaching. I thank my lucky stars that I have the honour of being able to observe and be a part of people’s personal transformations through Reiki touching their lives.

Has it been easy? No, not always. There have been times where we have had to ‘tighten our belt’ and go without. Has it been worth it? Absolutely 100%.

I would like to encourage you to believe in yourself and follow your dreams. YOU CAN DO IT!

I’m not suggesting you do something quite as radical as me, however I hope I can be an example of hope that you do have a choice and you can achieve your dreams 🙂

(The picture I have used to create Mojo’s Moment is by the very lovely and very talented Gail Armstrong of Start with a Doodle please see here for more of her work:

Keep shining and have a wonderful week.

Lindsey x

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  1. Gail August 21, 2017 at 8:53 am #

    Taking that leap of faith was the best thing I did too! I’m so glad you did and I got to work with you. Fab Mojo Moment, hope people read this and make changes in their own lives.

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