Reiki Level 3

Third Degree- Master Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher

The third degree is a very empowering experience.

The attunement expands our energy which helps us shift our perspective towards who we truly are; a spiritual being in physical form. Our true way of being is peaceful, happy and joyful. There will still be challenges in life (otherwise we would stagnate), however you will learn to develop self regulation- the ability to calm yourself down when you’re upset and cheer yourself up when you’re down.

I believe that the Master Degree level needs to be carefully considered before embarking upon as it is a commitment to the healing and development of yourself and (others should you so wish). It must be undertaken with respect. Reiki is a true gift.

I am aware however that not everyone wishes to teach Reiki and can embark upon this level for purely spiritual development, therefore I can offer the third degree as two separate trainings Master Practitioner and Master Teacher or combined to suit the individual student.

Here is a great article from Reiki Rays which explains the benefits of undertaking Reiki Level 3

Overview of third degree benefits

This level is open to Reiki students who have previously been attuned to Level 1 and 2 and who regularly practice Reiki (at least self treatments) and attempt to live by the Reiki principles.

The Reiki Master Practitioner Course includes:

  • A Usui Master attunement
  • Discussions around what we consider Mastery to be
  • Exploring what a Reiki Master Practitioner is
  • Personal development exercises
  • Sharing Reiki and advanced techniques

The investment for the training is £180, which includes an attunement, a manual, certificate, snacks and drinks plus ongoing support and mentoring.

The next Reiki Master Practitioner (3a) training is TBC Summer 2018, 10.00am-5.30pm at Heaven & Earth Holistic Centre.

Reiki Master Teacher Course

I deliver the Master Teacher course in an apprenticeship style which involves you attending and helping to facilitate my Level 1 and 2 course, planning your own courses and mentoring sessions with me. The investment for the Master Teacher course is £250. Entry requirements are: you will have completed Levels 1, 2 and 3a and will be required to write a statement as to your reasons for becoming a teacher.

Please contact me if you would like further information or a booking form on 07884 451 877 or email: or through my contact form.


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