Meet Lindsey

Hello, I’m Lindsey Foley

Space Keeper, Teacher, Healer

As a Reiki Master Teacher my work centres around helping you gain balance in mind, body and spirit. I provide you with a safe space to connect to the truth of who you are, to be, relax.

I am passionate about Reiki practice- the treatment and principles, as individually and together they can be a powerful catalyst for personal and spiritual growth.

Mikao Usui Reiki’s Founder describes Reiki as “The secret art of inviting happiness”.

I believe in walking my talk; I live and teach authentically and only offer guidance that I myself practice.

I practice Reiki in a grounded, non prescriptive way. I feel that the beneficial effects of Reiki increase when you are able to practically use what you have discovered in everyday life.

With a gently guiding approach and a warm, friendly nature; I have the ability to put people at ease in order to get the best out of them.

Reiki has been the cornerstone of my personal journey since 2002, my practice enables me to remain calm, balanced and clear. Being a Reiki Master Teacher is an honour , enabling me to share a gift that everyone can benefit from.

I live in Bedlington, Northumberland with my husband and two children Oliver and Molly along with family pets- 2 cats and a dog. I enjoy spending time in nature, reading, practicing Yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

I practice self Reiki every day because it helps me to be calm, grounded and clear minded. To find out why this practice is important to me and others here is a video I have found explains its benefits.

Feedback from students and clients

Reiki can take you on a journey; here’s Terri’s story (so far!)

Terri, Morpeth, March 2017

Following the death of my beloved father, who was the centre of my world, I was absolutely grief stricken and within a few short months I sensed I was heading in a downward spiral of deep dark depression. Believing in self help I looked at various options and decided to book a couple of Reiki sessions to help centre myself and feel more in control, and I must say I had the most wonderful experience imaginable.

To enhance my understanding of Reiki healing I undertook Reiki level 1 and must say the transformation has been remarkable. Rapidly overnight I felt an inner sense of calm and much brighter in myself, something which was noticed by many work colleagues the following day who were unaware I was undertaking the course.

Without a doubt, Reiki has been my saviour helping to heal my broken heart, soul and mind. I am now able to think about my father with great fondness rather than the deep dark sadness that I felt before and whilst I still feel sadness I am more in control of my emotions than before.

Yet this rapid growth would not have been possible without my Reiki master Lindsey, who is an extremely calm, caring, professional and compassionate lady. Whilst very relaxed, her positive energy is contagious and I urge everyone to experience the positive benefits of Reiki healing with Lindsey for themselves. I feel privileged to have opened this amazing doorway and look forward to continuing my Reiki journey.

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