Where do I start?

There’s four ways to start your Reiki journey: Watch the animation, listen to the podcast , attend a Reiki Share or book a treatment. Reiki can be explained however to really appreciate what it can do for you it is best to experience it.

What is Reiki?

A deeply relaxing treatment originating from Japan. Reiki balances the mind, body, emotions and spirit.

It is a healing and personal development system comprised of the practical energetic treatment (generally hands on) and a methodology- the Reiki Principles.

What is the ethos of Reiki?

Mikao Usui’s described Reiki as ‘The secret art for inviting happiness’.

What are the Reiki Principles?

There are lots of variations, however the principles I teach are:

Just for today, I am free from anger

Just for today, I am free from worry

I am grateful and humble

I do my work with appreciation

I am kind to all.

What are the benefits of treatments?

When you feel better, you function better. You make better choices, which help you continue to feel good about yourself. And, you find the inner resources to face life’s many challenges with confidence and grace.

Who’s Mojo?

Mojo is Tune In Coaching’s ambassador for the benefits of Reiki.

Mojo is based on the Australian marsupial called a Quokka, who have been voted the happiest animals in the world!

Each Monday Mojo offers words of wisdom, insights and tips on how to connect to your Mojo- your zest for life and inner happiness. To follow Mojo’s Moments see Mojo’s Moments.




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